I am a self proclaimed nerd through and through, I’m not ashamed of it and I’m quite proud of it. My mother would probably tell you that this may have been a slightly irritating trait of mine considering that at the tender age of five years old I decided that I just had to figure out how the VCR worked, which of course involved taking it apart.

Unfortunately for my mother I don’t think I had the motor skills at that age to put it back together in full working order. I have been fascinated by technology from quite an early age and have always had a passion for the progression of various technologies that we see on a daily basis. I started to build my own computers from quite an early age and it has been a fantastic journey ever since, if I’m not modifying a retro gaming console I’m finding ways to reprogram my devices to fit my own requirements. In my spare time I like to play retro videogames and build things that I find interesting.

I am currently working on building a bar top arcade unit to have as a centre piece. I like challenging myself with new ideas and with projects that I don’t necessarily have the skills to carry out at the time. This has lead me to filling my spare time in the past with video game console repair amongst other things during a time of unemployment. I am always looking for ways to keep my mind occupied as it’s a tool that I won’t always be able to use at peak efficiency for the entirety of my small time on this planet.